Careers at Von Gahlen

At von Gahlen

Welcome to Von Gahlen! Do you always want to get the best out of yourself and is quality a key motivation for you? Then we have a match! For sure. We offer quality in state-of-the-art and reliable lead shielding products, quality in working with the latest automated equipment and quality in collaboration with experienced professionals. On this page you can find out more about working at Von Gahlen.

Our team

We have a very committed and highly motivated team. Despite the variety of professions, everybody is motivated to help each other, and together we set the bar high every day. We share our most important core values such as customer focus, reliability and innovation power. Everybody contributes to this goal from their own role, knowledge and expertise. This mentality enables us to expand and grow as a company every day.

At Von Gahlen, you will

  • Contribute to the development and production of high-quality products for nuclear medicine research and treatment
  • Work with the latest automated equipment
  • Work together with professionals in a family business
  • Celebrate successful deliveries together
  • Enjoy a tailor-made career

our vacancies

These are our current vacancies. If none of the current vacancies appeals to you, but you still want to contribute to the lead shielding products and solutions developed by Von Gahlen, then please send an open application to

Sales engineer

Sales engineer

Als Sales engineer bij Von Gahlen ben je een gepassioneerd ambassadeur van onze producten. Je zult immers onze klanten moeten helpen om de juiste producten te kiezen.

Mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineer

Als Mechanical engineer bij Von Gahlen ontwerp je innovatieve technische oplossingen. Deze werk je uit in een gedetailleerd 3D tekeningenpakket. Doordat je werkt aan klantspecifieke oplossingen, zal geen ontwerp hetzelfde zijn. Dit staat garant voor afwisselende dagen en natuurlijk uitdaging.



Als Projectmanager binnen onze organisatie ben je betrokken bij de productontwikkeling van idee tot een operationeel product in lijn met de business doelstellingen van de klant. Je hebt een directe samenwerking met klant en partners.

Join us for your career in lead shielding

When you decide to work with us, we will look explicitly at what you need. In addition to interviews, we will identify your needs through a character style test. Based on your motivation and future plans, we will help you with education and training. We appreciate you taking the initiative, but we also guide you in our niche market.

do an internship with us

Von Gahlen is a certified training company. We offer students the opportunity to do an internship project and to graduate with us. In fact, if your internship with us is successful, then we would like to see how we can keep you on board. You can work as an intern with us both in the workplace and in the office. Are you looking for an internship or graduation project in for example production, engineering or Human Resource Management? Then send an email to