Lifecycle optimization

In our approach we not only focus on developing the best radiation-shielding lead products and solutions, but also on optimizing their lifecycle. We are your partner in the development of hot cells (also for special purposes) and complete laboratory facilities for nuclear medicine. We understand better than anyone the continuing need to guarantee long lasting solutions, improve operational management and control costs. On this page we will break down our service into concrete measures that will guarantee long lasting solutions for your needs. For sure.

Service from start to finish

Von Gahlen’s service focuses on the entire process: from development to maintenance. We distinguish ourselves by thinking with you from start to finish. We do everything to keep your production facility running. 

custom service

We build a long-term relationship with you. We do this above all by listening to you and asking probing questions. This enables us to understand your needs and provide the corresponding services. We offer various service options to guarantee the long-term safety and quality of the products.

1. Training and consulting

Training and consulting promotes correct use and improves performance. Before delivery, our service engineers provide training to your lab technicians and medical staff about the product and its maintenance. You will also receive a detailed operations and maintenance manual from us that specifies all procedures, safety instructions, maintenance instructions and cleaning instructions.

2. Spare parts

During our training, you will also learn about the various parts of the machine and how to replace these parts. With our years of experience, we know which parts need to be replaced in time to always allow you to work with optimally functioning equipment. Based on your equipment, we will advise you on the appropriate stock of spare parts for your situation. 

3. Remote assistance

With a remote access subscription we can log in remotely to the control unit of your product. Without being physically present, we can identify malfunctions and sometimes even remedy them.

4. Maintenance on site

We can provide you with periodic preventive maintenance on site. During this visit our service engineer performs a complete inspection of your product. Also refurbishment may be necessary after a system has been operational for a number of years. At that point, the equipment may need updating or you may want to install new functionalities. Our service engineers can renovate your installation by upgrading functions.

Based on the services above, this we can once again say: Von Gahlen. For sure

We are always nearby

We are always nearby

We guarantee our high service level all over the world. With two branches in Europe, one in the United States and a global network of partners, Von Gahlen is an extremely flexible organization. This enables us to have short lines of communications with you and to provide you with the best service for your unique situation. We are always nearby, for sure!