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For more than 45 years, Von Gahlen has supplied University Medical Centers, hospitals, research institutions and commercial pharmacies that are active in nuclear medicine. As a committed partner we work towards the best solutions that assure the production and use of radionuclides in nuclear medicine. We call this approach for sure!

Hot cells, glove boxes, fume hoods...

We build protection

Von Gahlen develops and builds products to offer protection for people, their working environment and the radiopharmaceuticals they produce. Protection during the production of radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostics and therapy is our responsibility. Optimal safety, ergonomics and an aesthetically pleasing working environment is your certainty.

Nuclear and radiopharmacy shielding products

Products for extensive shielding

For every type of production facility, we offer a wide range of high quality products. From the production of the radionuclide to the administration to the patient, we offer shielding products for the entire process. This is a specialization that focuses on smart, well-considered solutions, which are expressed in an extensive product range. During every production phase you can comply with prevailing quality and safety standards thanks to:

Nuclear medicine

Years of experience have made us experts in the world of nuclear medicine. We develop and build a wide range of products, such as hot cells, shielded hoods, glove boxes and auxiliary accessories. We are able to match every product to your unique situation, which is demonstrated by our references.

Radiopharmaceutical Research

We offer flexibility and professionals who think with you and take account of your unique production facility. We work with you to make sure your research lab not only meets today’s standards, but is also future proof. This is why we continually develop products such as hot cells, active gas compression systems and laminar hoods.

Radiopharmaceutical Production

We work closely with our customers in our niche market. This enables us to understand and deal with any challenges you have. For the production of radiopharmaceuticals we develop and build activity distribution systems, dispensing systems, dispensing equipment and a range of other products.

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Dividing radiopharmaceuticals into multi dose or unit dose vials

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Learn more about fast dispensing of radiopharmaceuticals into multi or unit dose vials. Download our free white paper here.

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Shared challenges

We implement these principles with smart and well-considered innovations. We share these values and safety standards with you, thus creating a common language for shared challenges. The products and services that result from your collaboration with Von Gahlen ensure:

  • Radiation safety
  • Product safety
  • Ergonomics
  • Guaranteed uptime 
  • Good serviceability
  • GMP-certified design and classification
  • DQ, FAT, SAT and IQ/OQ
  • Integration in clean rooms

Striving for the highest quality

To fully realize the best possible solutions, mapping the wishes and needs of customers is a large part of our work. Our engineering department plays an important role in this process. Stefan Elshout, Lead Engineer, takes us through the required steps and makes clear what “For Sure” means to us along the way. 

The constructive approach of our engineers

Truly customized

Wishes and requirements are often very specific, which requires adapting standard products or initiating a completely new project. Our engineers are happy to brainstorm with you to develop the best solutions for your challenge. Here are a few of our innovations:

  • Fully custom-built hot cells.
  • Active Distribution Systems for transporting radioactive gases, liquids and solids from the cyclotron to the laboratory. 
  • Bunker doors for access to a shielded cyclotron bunker.
  • Semi-automatic and fully-automatic dispensers.
  • A wide range of type A packaging: disposable, reusable and, if desired, temperature-controlled.
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Added value through customized products

Our lifetime service

From development, engineering, production assembly and qualification to service and aftercare, we are committed to working with you every step of the way. Of course, our service department is available for you during the lifespan of your product. We provide aftercare throughout the product cycle. We offer a range of services over the long term to ensure safety, quality and product lifespan. For sure.

Life-cycle optimization services

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