To achieve a tailor-made solution with our products, proven technologies are an important prerequisite. We offer various solutions in lead shielding products for nuclear medicine. For some customers we offer standard hot cells. For others, a tailor-made solution is required, because you may have very specific wishes and requirements. We can sometimes achieve this by combining technical specifications of various standard hot cells. In many cases, however, it requires a broader approach. Whatever approach we choose, we always provide the best fitting solution.

tailor-made approach

If your requirements are very specific, we need to formulate a unique approach in which we work step-by-step towards a tailor-made solution. We take this approach in more than half of all our projects, and this makes us unique in our niche market.

Added value through customized products


Our specials show that our style is fundamentally different from that of others. No two situations are exactly the same. It is not always possible to meet your specific wishes and requirements with standard solutions. Moreover, you are making a major investment for the long term. And as your partner, we believe it is our duty to think with you and to provide the most suitable solution for your current and future requirements.

Would you like to know how we put this collaborative approach into practice?

Theo will tell

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About our unique Von Gahlen approach? Together with you, we develop the most durable and safest solution in five steps.

Our five-step-solution
Radiation shielding worldwide

Radiation shielding worldwide

We collaborate intensively with partners who we have trained to represent our company around the world. Our consultants visit them periodically to keep them up-to-date with the latest developments and technologies. We can therefore provide you with information and services near your location, even for your unique tailor-made solution. For sure.