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To attain the highest added value, we believe that collaboration is essential. That is why we do not want to be just a supplier, but a partner during the entire process of development, production and commissioning. We do this to arrive at complete state-of-the-art solutions for your challenges in nuclear medicine. We understand your wishes and requirements by listening carefully and asking challenging questions. We then share our expertise with you and together we arrive at the tailor-made solution that you are looking for. For sure, we will unveil our ‘5 development steps towards your tailor-made solution’.

Constructive approach

Von Gahlen does more than just listen. We also exchange ideas with you throughout, from making a plan to finalizing the most complex details. During this process we are not afraid to ask critical questions, and we expect the same from you. This critical and constructive reciprocity typifies the Von Gahlen approach and this is how we achieve a valuable collaboration and successful solutions.

5 development steps towards

Your tailor-made solution

Von Gahlen works with you to develop solution-oriented and well-considered ideas by taking the five steps described below.

Step 1 - We document your wishes and requirements

1. We document your wishes and requirements 

We start with creating a User Requirement Specification (URS). This document consist of all your wishes and requirements. The more accurately this information is documented, the better the results. As a result, we not only clarify the expectations, but we also maintain continuous control of the process. 

Step 2 - Our solutions to your needs

2. Our solutions to your needs

Next step is to create a Functional Design Specification (FDS): a document in which your requirements (documented in the URS) are matched with our solutions. In the FDS we work with a Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM), which specifies a solution for each of your requirements.

Step 3 - A mockup for your laboratory staff

3. A mockup for your laboratory staff

After completing the FDS, Von Gahlen could also provide the construction of a mockup. Based on our years of experience, we know a full-size model of your production line is the best test for your operators whether they can perform their work effectively and efficiently. In this way we work together with you to create the most ergonomic, functional and safe working environment for your operators.

Step 4 - Your detailed design

4. Your detailed design

At this point, the functional design has been drawn up, the 3D designs have been made and everything has been approved by you. The general outlines of your tailor-made solution are finished, and now we begin the detailed engineering. At this point, the added value of step 1 becomes very obvious. Clarifying and understanding your wishes and requirements enables us to determine whether the solution is correct, and ensures faster delivery of the most suitable installation.

Step 5 - The certainty of a test

5. The certainty of a test

We build your facility at our factory exactly as it will be installed at your location, and then complete a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) with you. This test ensures that all parts documented in the URS and FDS are delivered as required.

The assembly phase

At this stage, the development of your tailor-made hot cell or entire laboratory is complete. It is time for delivery: the assembly phase. Following the five steps in the development phase, the assembly phase is a key aspect for achieving a successful, tailor-made solution. Our experienced installation engineers join your construction team during the assembly phase. Good communication and coordination with all partners involved in this phase is crucial. 

Before installation on-site, we build and test every facility at our factory, exactly as it will be used at the customers location. Marco van den Born, our Manager Assembly, provides the technicians from the assembly team with support during the installation at our factory and abroad. During the assembly on location, First Mechanics like Raymon Siebelink determine the approach and working method with their team, based on their insights and experience. 

Once a project has passed the 5 development steps and we finalized the on-site installation, we'd like to share the end result with you. The following page shows several Von Gahlen projects which give you an impression of what we can do. 

Our Projects
The assembly phase

no concessions

Ensuring a tailor-made solution is in our genes for sure. Our mission is to meet your requirements for radiation safety and ergonomics as well as the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines and United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards. And we do not make any concessions during this process. As a development partner in the complex world of nuclear medicine, we are committed to making sure that everything is right, down to the last detail. Guaranteeing the best solution to your challenge is part of this commitment.

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