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For nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy we develop both standard and custom-built hot cells and a wide range of auxiliary equipment for hot labs. We also provide radiopharmaceutical packaging and assemblies that go into machines for radiation shielding:

Nuclear medicine & radiopharmacy

Nuclear Medicine & Radiopharmacy

Radiopharmaceutical Packaging

Radiopharmaceutical Packaging

Lead precision

Lead Precision

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Well visualized and complemented with product data sheets, our online catalog will give you a comprehensive insight in the products we offer.

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Nuclear and radiopharmacy shielding products

Cooperative approach

We match your wishes with comprehensive solutions that ensure safety, quality and reliability. These characteristics are intrinsic to all Von Gahlen products, but they can also be seen as needs that are independent from the product; we believe that these needs should guide our relationship with you as our customer. Safety, quality and reliability may be less tangible in this context, but at least equally important. Von Gahlen understands this better than any other company in the sector. We aim to fulfill these needs through our professional, cooperative approach. Von Gahlen is your reliable partner at all stages of development and production, but also throughout the entire product life cycle

Lifecycle optimization services

Added value through customization

The tailor-made solutions we create for you are good examples of our unique approach and the added value that we create for our customers. If we offer customization, then we deliver a truly personalized product. And that is exactly why we work closely with you.

A joint approach
Tailormade approach