For machine manufacturers in the medical and nuclear industry, we produce lead components that shield ionizing radiation within products and equipment. Examples include X-ray machines, MRI scanners and CT scanners that are produced for, or used in medical engineering. We also manufacture subassemblies for the nuclear and other industries. On this page we will share our approach with you.

Lead casting

Our own lead casting facilities enable us to adapt quickly to your specific needs. We can cast all your lead products, in all shapes sizes and required quality. After casting, we will machine your lead-shielding product to size. Our five-axis CNC milling machine makes more complex shapes possible. This enables us to meet your special requirements.

Lead casting

One stop shop

We provide a wide range of services under one roof. As a result, we offer you a unique one stop shop for the production of lead shielding products. This means that you are not dependent on multiple parties to arrive at a final product and you retain control of your lead processing. Due to our comprehensive facilities – our engineering department, foundry and state-of-the-art machines – Von Gahlen can take care of the total production process of your lead product.

Our in-house equipment

Von Gahlen supplies precision lead parts for a wide range of radiation-shielding products. From parts for lead castles to lead pots with different lead thicknesses. That starts with professional consultation followed by engineering. To manufacture your products subsequently we utilize all the know-how and equipment that we have in-house:


Von Gahlen has its own foundry

Five-axes CNC milling machine

Von Gahlen has a five-axes milling machine

Tool shop

Tool shop Von Gahlen

Conventional turning & milling

Radiation-shielding lead containers


Pressing at Von Gahlen


Freshly finished lead components at Von Gahlen

Quality assurance

Quality assurance at Von Gahlen


Assembling lead components at Von Gahlen

Safety and precision

Specialized lead products are often engineered and manufactured in low volumes. This requires flexibility, which Von Gahlen provides with precision.

Regardless of the size of the product, our tailor-made solutions are manufactured with high precision and quality. With years of experience and professional knowledge, we ensure that your lead shielding products comply with all regulations and safety requirements.

Safety and quality by Von Gahlen
Submillimeter precision
Lead Precision

For people and planet

In certain parts of the world, lead casting is regretfully not quite friendly to the environment or to the people who work with this material. Von Gahlen on the other hand is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. This also means that safety, health and sustainability are crucial factors throughout the entire production process. We take responsibility for our people and for the environment by working clean. Besides, there is no material waste since every chip of lead is being melted again in the foundry to re-use in new lead productions. 


Lead has unique features that require very specific knowledge and experience. Therefore, our engineers are happy to exchange ideas with you during the development phase. We identify your product wishes and requirements as accurately as possible. This enables us, within the frameworks that you provide, to make suggestions for improvement on your designs. Of course, we always consider the quality and the price benefits our suggested improvements may have for you. After we have developed the best solution, we convert the design into the quality product you require. 

Lead engineering

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Lead precision
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