This is Von Gahlen
for sure

With Von Gahlen you can be assured of safe solutions, a reliable partnership and a lasting relationship. The essence of those characteristics can be summarized in the phrase ‘for sure’, which also stands for all the aspects that we take as self-evident: we set the bar high and enforce the highest quality standards. It also goes without saying that you can count on our proven innovations, accurate delivery and excellent service. We summarize this self-evidence and reliability as Von Gahlen for sure.

State-of-the-art manufacturing is

What we do

Von Gahlen is a state-of-the-art manufacturer of shielding solutions for nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy. We offer standard and custom-built hot cells along with a wide range of auxiliary equipment for hot labs. We also provide radiation-safe radiopharmaceutical packaging and radiation-resistant third party lead components to be used into machines that require shielding.


Solutions based on proven technologies.  


User specific:
Accomplished by meeting customer specific needs. 


Optimized with extended services for future proof endurance. 


Trusting on thoroughly built expertise, carried out by professionals.

Our global history

Development into a knowledge organisation

Our company was founded in 1973, and since then we have become an ultra-modern manufacturer and international market leader in the development of lead products for radiation shielding in nuclear medicine. Starting as a manufacturing company, we have progressed over time into a highly specialized knowledge organization. You can therefore expect the highest quality and continuity throughout our entire organization. As a medium-sized family-owned business, we have all the capabilities to serve the professional market worldwide, but we have remained small enough to ensure intensive personal collaboration and short lines of communication. We fulfill all our projects with our own project teams.

Global network

In addition to our headquarters in Zevenaar, the Netherlands, we have sales offices in Germany and the USA. Worldwide we can rely on our carefully developed network of partners who have worked with our products for years.

Global network

These aspects drive our

Self-evidence & reliability

State of art customization

State-of-the-art customization

In addition to delivering more conventional lead shielding products, we can provide tailor-made, comprehensive solutions for your unique requirements. We have the professional expertise and experience to collaborate with you on your specific project while ensuring the greatest diligence. We do this during all phases of your project: from development, engineering, manufacturing and assembly to commissioning and service. Explore here how we collaborate with our customers to achieve successful tailor-made solutions.

Lifecycle optimization services

We are not only your partner for development and manufacturing, but also for the long term. Before delivery, we make sure you are trained to keep your machinery up to date. After delivery, we provide service that ensures maximum safety and quality.

Safety and quality

Safety & quality

Our goal is to realize an optimally safe and ergonomic working environment for you. Our processes and products not only meet the required safety and quality standards, but we also attach importance to our own view on these subjects.