Radiation-safe packaging is an obvious requirement during the transport of radioactive pharmaceuticals. Von Gahlen is your reliable partner in the production and supply of radiopharmaceutical packaging for shipping by road or air. We offer both standard and tailor-made packaging solutions.

Radiopharmaceutical packaging products

Your certainties

Our radiation-shielding lead containers protect people against the radiation emitted by radiopharmaceuticals. At the same time, our lead containers ensure that bottles, syringes and capsules containing radioactive substances such as F18, iodine, Lutetium and Gallium are protected against external influences. Regardless of your packaging requirements, Von Gahlen guarantees:

  • Certified Type A packaging
  • Protection of people, environment and product
  • Suitability for all modes of transport (road or air)
  • Disposable and non-disposable versions
  • Temperature controlled packaging (if required)
  • Fully tailor-made if desired
Type A certified packaging

Your type A packaging specialist

Radiopharmaceuticals shipped by air or ground transport must be enclosed in certified Type A packaging. This packaging consists of multiple components that together ensure safe shipment of your radiopharmaceuticals. We deliver disposable and non-disposable packaging for single or multiple containers. You can reuse our non-disposable packaging, while our single-use disposable packaging is light, easy to use and is designed to be as cost effective as possible.

Standard or tailor-made

Von Gahlen provides a standard range of packaging solutions. Does your product require a fully certified tailor-made solution for transport packaging? Von Gahlen can fulfill all your transport packaging needs. For decades we have supplied packaging solutions to the radiopharmaceutical industry. Thanks to years of acquired knowledge and experience, our packaging solutions comply with the highest standards regarding quality and safety. We are also your partner in standard and tailor-made radiopharmaceutical packaging. For sure.

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