Tailor-made hot cells
for an optimal integration in your process

We develop both customizable and completely tailor-made hot cells for nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy. The modular character of our customizable hot cells gives you many options. This makes for a seamless integration of our shielded containment chambers in your working environment and work flow. We can also take it a step further, and build your hot cell from the ground up.

5 steps towards

Bespoke hot cells

We have the knowledge and experience to build bespoke hot cells, designed for a specific task. The design starts from your requirements as a user. Elements like work processes, access, packaging and the required radiological protection will be integrated in the hot cell design to provide an optimal solution. By taking the five steps described below, we work with you to develop a hot cell that fits your needs.

Step 1 - We document your wishes and requirements

1. Documenting of your wishes and requirements

At the start of every project, it’s important to get a good idea about your wishes and requirements. Most of our clients have a medical background, not a technical one. That is why we don't just listen to your needs, but are happy to think along with you too. All requirements are collected in a User Requirement Specification (URS). As a result we maintain continuous control of the process

Step 2 - Our solutions to your needs

2. Creating a functional design

Our engineering department compiles an FDS (Functional Design Specification). This document is the complete technical translation of your wishes and demands. Once the FDS is approved, it is the leading document for the project. The final design is checked point by point against the FDS. This way we can be sure that we have included everything that was described.

Step 2 - Our solutions to your needs

3. Constructing a mockup

After completing the FDS, we could also provide a mockup. This is a full-size model of your hot cell to check if your operators can operate it effectively and efficiently. This way, we together create the most ergonomic, functional and safe working environment possible.

Step 2 - Our solutions to your needs

4. Detailed engineering

At this point, the general outline of your tailor-made hot cell is finished. Now, we begin the detailed engineering. We determine whether the solution we developed fully fits your needs and your working process. 

Step 2 - Our solutions to your needs

5. Testing and testing again

The hot cell is built at our factory, exactly as it will be installed at your location. Then, together, we run and complete a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). This test ensures that all parts documented in the URS and FDS are delivered as required. After the hot cell installation is built on site, we run a site acceptance test. When everything works properly, we provide the final CAD drawing.

Hot cell product lines

We just explained how we develop completely tailor-made hot cells. We also offer hot cells product lines according to the GMP and USP regulations. All of our hot cells are highly customizable. 

Our GMP and USP hot cells
Hot cells

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