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Meet Robert: our new Director of Operations

03-08-21, 09:13

Von Gahlen is growing, and not just in size. By continuously introducing new expertise, we’re developing our organization in the broadest sense; from sales to customer service. Last May we expanded our team with Robert Pelgrim. Robert lives in Haaksbergen, together with his girlfriend and their sixteen-year old son. Robert: “I've been in technology all my life and always worked at technical organizations. Before I came to Von Gahlen, I worked 22 years with a similar organization, but in a different industry.”

A new function

Robert is Director of Operations (COO), a position that has never existed before in our organization. Robert: “As Von Gahlen grows, so does the need to have someone who is dedicated to the operational side of the organization.” Together with the brothers Jaap and Alex Duiker, Robert is on the board of directors. Robert: “This way, they can focus on their core tasks, while I’ll handle the operational management. With our different backgrounds, we really complement each other as a team.”

Fit for the future

Robert's experience shows that even the best organizations can do better, as he successfully introduced vast improvements in the past. Robert: “Von Gahlen is a fantastic company with great products and interesting customers. Together, we are taking the next step to ensure that the foundation of our organization is strengthened even further and we are fit for future expansion.” 

A few examples of short term developments are the extensive digitization in our production processes, the investment in machines and resources, but also the introduction of operational excellence and lean. Robert: “Our production facility is gradually making the transition to Smart Industry. As a flexible and learning organization, we can continue to meet the latest requirements and develop products together with our customers.” 

“Von Gahlen not only wants to grow, but also wants to develop as an organization.”
- Robert Pelgrim, Director of Operations (COO)


The next level

Now that he's settled, the real work can begin. With his technical experience and knowledge of business administration, we think that Robert is a great addition to our team. Robert: “I’m happy to have a part in moving our organization to the next level.” 

Robert Pelgrim