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On April 8th, we will share our insights and experiences about safe handling of radiopharmaceuticals with our shielded hoods products. We’ll talk about some application specific solutions such as the usage of technetium generators with our well-equipped Compact Technetium Solution. We will discuss our standardized solutions for handling radio-chemicals and quality control solutions in this webinar as well. The safe handling and manipulation of your radiopharmaceuticals in combination with ergonomics and operator friendly usage are top priorities in our designs. 

Safe and user-friendly solutions

Sjors van Es, our area sales manager, will show you the possibilities and differences between our available solutions for PET and SPECT applications in both laminar down flow hoods and fume hoods. 

Features like integrated measurement solutions, optimally illuminated working areas, real-time measurement of GMP conditions and an ergonomic design will be discussed. We are known for our tailor-made solutions, so please challenge us with your requirements and ideas!

Looking forward to meeting you online!

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Sjors van Es

Sjors van Es
Area Sales Manager at Von Gahlen

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