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Meet Michael: your service contact in North America.

08-07-20, 13:47

Von Gahlen has been active in the USA for quite a while now. Activity that can be found in Beloit (WI) for instance, where Von Gahlen increased capacity of an isotope processing facility. Or in Columbia (MO) where we expanded a cyclotron facility with a Dual Chemical Enclosure.

Based in the US, Michael Ebeling is the local Field Service Engineer for our North American customers. We are proud to have him on board since end of 2019. Therefore, we thought it would be about time to introduce Michael, so that you can get to know him a bit better.

Michael, go ahead!

I live in Madison (WI) with my wife Moira and daughter Ingrid who turns 16 in July. We enjoy the nearby lakes in the summer and skiing in the winter. Along with restoring our 1863 home I have been working as a field engineer for a German-based producer of operating room equipment. Surgical tables, lights, video, and equipment booms were some of the devices I serviced throughout the US.

What made you decide to apply for a job at Von Gahlen?

Von Gahlen reached out to me about a year ago. As I learned about Von Gahlen, the culture and the people, I was impressed with the team members and the machines they design and build. Also, my father was a pharmacist and would have been very pleased to see me in this role working closely with scientists and labs.

What kind of person are you?

Well I’m a person that fixes and makes things. I have an easy going approach to service and customer relations that involves honesty and communication. Through the years I have learned how to handle delicate situations in ways that create positive outcomes for clients and projects. I have experience leading teams on larger scale implementations and recognize how to find opportunities for upgrades, parts and service. Highly organized and very detail oriented are traits engrained throughout my childhood and into college where I studied sculpture/cast iron art and teaching. By the way: as a hobby I still cast iron and make sculpture in the studio I built on the home property.

What can our customers expect from you?

They can expect a high level of communication and quick response to service needs and inquiries. I want to grow service in the US and Canada for Von Gahlen through an active support line of communication. Some of the readers might have already heard from me since I have created my own introduction letter. Also, I have been emailing clients, trying to get my name and job title out there. On top of that, I have been installing mini-cells on the East Coast and have several parts needed proposals underway just by bringing up things I saw that could use repair.

What does ‘for sure’ mean to you? How do you fulfill this promise to our customers?

I identify with the company logo in relation with its importance to user safety and health. The nature of our product is to contain volatile elements and to be “for sure” around radiation is a good thing. Von Gahlen builds the best working environment in the world for radiopharmaceutical production and research. As Field Service Engineer it is my job to ensure the devices are in excellent working order and that our clients can reach out to me if they need support and on-site repairs.

How can customers reach you?

That would be via email at  

If you are curious about how we guarantee long lasting solutions for your needs, please have a look at our lifecycle optimization services.

Your service contact in North America