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Taking service to the next level

06-12-22, 13:54

Von Gahlen is all about long-term relationships. So, when the assembly of an installation at the customer's site is completed, it doesn't mean we're done. By providing services like remote assistance, maintenance and training, we ensure the safety of our products, the quality of the radiopharmaceuticals and an optimal user experience. But it doesn’t stop there. Our service manager Sietse Bootsma is determined to take it to the next level.

Sietse has been with us for a relatively short time, but he has brought a lot of valuable experience into our organization. Sietse: “I have gained a lot of technical affinity and knowledge during my career, especially regarding user specific installations. For example, I can read specifications and drawings. Where necessary, I call on the knowledge of our service mechanics. This way, I keep building my knowledge base.”

Early involvement for optimal service

In most cases, our service department is involved the moment the hardware is transported to the site for installation. Sietse: “By documenting the entire installation process we understand the customers’ needs. This helps us to provide them with the corresponding services. It also aids us to evaluate and improve our own processes. Were there particular challenges during the installation on site? If so, how did we resolve them? And in which way can we prevent these issues from happening in the future?”

Next level transparency

In order to give our customers a clear picture of the total cost of ownership, Sietse is exploring the possibilities of service level contracts. Sietse: "To do this, we have to map out how often we need to perform preventive maintenance and how much time it takes. By recording this, we can make a good estimate of the maintenance costs for our customers in advance." This process requires the long-term cooperation we are aiming for with our customers.

Expanding our training program

If it is up to Sietse, we will also continue to expand our training program. Sietse: "I think we can distinguish two types of training. The first is user training. This teaches the end user how to get the most out of their new dispenser or hot cell. We can also offer training to our customers' technical staff, so they can carry out basic maintenance on the installation and replace certain parts themselves. Of course, our service department can contribute to the development, implementation and monitoring of the program. The most important thing is that customers can always count on our services.”

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Sietse Bootsma