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Expert insights driving product excellence

10-11-23, 13:48

At Von Gahlen, our commitment to the continual development of high-quality products hinges on effective interdepartmental collaboration. In line with this vision, we have launched the 'Product Development' department, where our R&D and Engineering teams work in synergy to ensure the future-readiness of all our solutions. R&D Engineer Eva Joosten is excited about the opportunity this new initiative brings. Eva: β€œR&D is very theoretical, Engineering is practical. In our team, these two aspects come together, serving as steppingstone to elevate our product range to new heights.”

Eva: β€œIn collaboration with the R&D Manager and Senior Product Engineer, my role within the team is to oversee the product portfolio. We continuously monitor the market, technological advancements, and regulatory landscape to ensure our products remain technologically advanced and compliant.”

State-of-the-art dose dividers 

Eva's expertise lies in dose dividers, a product that automates the division of produced medicines into patient quantities. Eva: "With my knowledge, I support the service team, conduct tests, provide training to customers, and am closely involved in the further development. This ensures that our dose dividers are always of the highest quality."

Customer demand plays a significant role in the further development. For example, there was a need for additional shielding of the electronics, which has been immediately implemented in the latest model. Eva: "We are currently working on automating the last manual step, the preparation of the vials. This will make the process even more efficient for users."

Software advancements for enhanced performance

The next development step focuses on the user software of the dose dividers. This software ensures that the dose dividers function properly, especially in regulating the correct quantities. Eva: "Through surveys and feedback from the Service team, we discover where the users' needs lie. We are striving for not only a better-looking interface but also new functionalities that enhance user-friendliness. Additionally, in the further development, we focus on efficiency and staying ahead of regulations. An essential aspect to keep our products future-proof."

Expertise expansion 

When we develop or further develop a product, we dive deep into it. This makes us, at Von Gahlen, experts in many different fields. Ultimately, Eva hopes to contribute more and more to the early development of techniques and products with her product knowledge. Eva: "My goal is to become a product expert. Of course, I know the big picture of our products, but I also want to know everything at a detailed level. Our dose dividers are just the beginning."

Eva Joosten