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On this page you will find our product range for nuclear medicine & radiopharmacy. We display these products well structured, clearly visualized and complemented with product sheets. It will give you a comprehensive insight in the radiation-shielding solutions we offer.

Transport cart

  • Simple and ergonomic design
  • Can be used in a cleanroom, due to the cleanability

The stainless steel transport cart has a simple, ergonomic design for the safe transport of radiopharmaceuticals inside the hospital, radiopharmacy or clean room production facility. The transport cart is easy to move due to the round handling bar and the wide wheel base with four swivel wheels. A shielded container made of 35 mm lead finished oyster white (RAL 1013) is mounted in the cart. Inside this outer container a removable shielded container is placed. The inner container is made of 15 mm lead finished oyster white (RAL 1013) and is equipped with a carrying grip. The inside dimensions of the inner container are 45*80 mm (Ø*H) and the total weight of the cart is ± 54 kg.

Model VG-TR