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On this page you will find our product range for nuclear medicine & radiopharmacy. We display these products well structured, clearly visualized and complemented with product sheets. It will give you a comprehensive insight in the radiation-shielding solutions we offer.

Shielded fume hood – R&D PET

  • High performance low flow hood (energy efficiency)
  • Shielded waste compartment with 35 or 50 mm lead, opening in workbench with shielded lid
  • Ergonomic design: sloped front and exceptional legroom underneath the cabinet
  • Large lead glass window
  • Integrated measurement solutions

The shielded fume hood - R&D PET is designed and evaluated according to EN 14175-3 and the ASHRAE 110-1995 standards for safe manipulations of high energy gamma applications.

Model VG-SFH-P

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