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On this page you will find our product range for radiopharmaceutical packaging. We display these products well structured, clearly visualized and complemented with product sheets. It will give you a comprehensive insight in the radiation-shielding solutions we offer. 

Moveable protective screen pet

  • Movable screen with optimal view due to the lead glass
  • With a small tray on the patient side
  • Made for shielding the body and still optimal reach to the patient
  • Easy handling because of the 4 swivel wheels

Specifically designed for use in high energy gamma applications (PET). The screen is made of 30 mm lead covered with steel plates finished oyster white (RAL 1013). The lead glass window is placed at an angle of 45˚ for optimal view of the patient during administration of the radiopharmaceutical. The width of the screen has specifically been designed to enable a better reach towards the patient while protecting the main part of the technologists’ body. Dimensions are 1435*610*630 mm (H*W*D) and the weight is ± 206 kg. The lead glass dimensions are 300*200*80 mm (H*W*D).The screen has a small tray on the patient side.

Model VG-FW/PET-14/6/30