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On this page you will find our product range for radiopharmaceutical packaging. We display these products well structured, clearly visualized and complemented with product sheets. It will give you a comprehensive insight in the radiation-shielding solutions we offer. 

Automated hot cell decontamination with hydrogen peroxide vapor

  • Unmatched level of effectiveness spanning every exposed
    surface of an enclosed area
  • The HPV will be converted rapidly into water vapor and
    oxygen, leaving no residue behind
  • Rapid decontamination cycles. A full 6-log cycle for the
    whole system (Dispensing hot cell + Preparation box + Waste
    + Product Retrieval Port) combined will take approximately
    2.5 hours for a closed system with catalytic aeration unit.
    When the HPV can additional be extracted through the HVAC
    (with or without catalytic filter) this time will be even shorter.

For our Dispensing hot cell family we have the option available for a
full automatic decontamination cycle of multiple enclosures by using
Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor (HPV). Our shielded isolators and their adjacent
compartments provide a controlled aseptic environment. To minimalize the
risk of decontamination a validated sterilization cycle is essential.

The HPV process is tested and validated with a 6-log sterility assurance
level. Standard cycles available for the following combinations of
Dispensing hot cell main compartment (including adjacent compartments
such as the waste and product retrieval port) in- or excluding the
preparation box. This off-the-shelf solution saves lead-time and cost.
On request, HPV decontamination can also be integrated in other
Von Gahlen hot cell types.