Assembled to perfection 

To make sure all functionalities are as agreed, Von Gahlen assembles all installations at our premises in Zevenaar before they are shipped and installed at locations around the world. That is why we involve our mechanics in a project from the very beginning. Raymon Siebelink, First Mechanic, takes you on a tour of our processes from a mechanics’ perspective. 


Raymon started as a mechanic at Von Gahlen twenty years ago. Raymon: “To gain experience, I was mainly occupied with technical operations during a project, such as turning, milling and welding. Nowadays, I manage the progress of several projects at once, in consultation with the Manager Assembly. I divide the tasks and instruct colleagues regarding assembly work. But I also participate in the construction work myself.”

Collaboration of specialists

During the first phase, when customer specifications are translated technically, Raymon is the connecting factor between his team and the Lead Engineer. Raymon: “Of course, it is not the intention that everyone walks into the drawing room to ask questions all the time.” Together with the Project Manager, they go over the schedule and decide about an optimal realization.

Once the Functional Design Specification (FDS) is approved and all components have arrived at our facility, the mechanics involved in the project begin with the construction of the installation. After assembly, we run and complete a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). Raymon: “In addition to functionality testing, it is my job to ensure the certificates and serial numbers of the parts match as described. As you can imagine, this comes with a lot of paperwork.”

Precise installation

When the installation meets all requirements, it is disassembled and shipped to the customer. During the assembly on location, Raymon looks at the process from a customer's point of view. His team works very precise, concerning both the installation process and the result. Sometimes it's all in the details. Raymon: “As well as ensuring that everything is aligned and leveled, we clean up the waste and make sure the place is tidy during the installation phase.”
We regularly construct an installation in a new building or department. With these projects, we can take into account when walls, ceilings and doors are installed. It also happens that we replace or supplement an existing installation. Raymon: “When the walls and floors are all done, we have to get creative to get the parts into the cleanroom. This requires careful planning, because you must build certain components on location, which you would normally assemble in advance.”

Short lines of communication

Raymon: “As a mechanic, you have a lot of freedom at Von Gahlen. We can determine our approach and working method based on our insight and experience, within company and customer guidelines, of course. And if there are questions or problems in the field, there is always someone to turn to.”

Raymon Siebelink – Eerste Monteur

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