The constructive approach 
of our assembly team

The assembly phase is the last of five steps in our development process for tailor made solutions, but certainly not the least. Before installation on-site, we build and test every facility at our factory, exactly as it will be used at the customers location. This process is supervised by Marco van den Born, our Manager Assembly.


From the first time he walked in, Marco had a good feeling about Von Gahlen. Marco: “Even though Von Gahlen does business on an international scale, the pleasant atmosphere of a family business is still very present here.” With over 25 years of experience in the field of technical support engineering, he decided in 2018 it was time for a new challenge. And Von Gahlen turned out to be a great fit.

Making sure all requirements are met

As Manager Assembly, Marco monitors the construction of client installations to make sure all specifications are met. The whole process of assembly at our production site in Zevenaar, FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), disassembly, logistics and installation on site, including the SAT (Site Acceptance Test) is done by his team. The assembly team travels all over the world to realize our solutions. The scope of a project varies from 10 pallets, up to projects where 7 shipping containers are required for transport.

Installation experience abroad

During the on-site installation abroad, Marco provides his colleagues from the assembly team with remote support. For years, he traveled the world as a service engineer, particularly in Asia. Marco: “From my own experience, I know what kind of challenges our engineers can come across. And no news means good news. Our team cooperation is completely based on skills and trust.”

“To me, ’For Sure’ means: challenge us, we’ll take care of it.”

- Marco van den Born, Manager Assembly

Proud of the team

Marco: “At Von Gahlen, we develop products from coarse materials like steel and lead that end up in sterile environments, such as hospitals. That enormous transition is a great effort, organization-wide.” Presently, Marco’s ever-growing team consists of 16 colleagues: 9 engineers, 3 first engineers, 2 electro-oriented engineers and 2 apprentices. 

The balance between standard configurations and specials ensures a great diversity for the assembly team. Marco: “I am very proud of what we can achieve together. Because we oversee the entire process, we learn all kinds of things along the way. Particularly the specials really challenge us to raise the quality level, again and again.” 


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