Customer satisfaction

Von Gahlen is aiming to provide the best products and services. To achieve this, we want our customers point of view to be part of the equation. Your opinion is of great value to us. This is why we would like to ask you kindly to fill out and return this short generic survey below, to assist us in improving our processes. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Your answer will be treated as confidential and will be used for internal purposes only.

Many thanks in advance.

Please add explanation where necessary to clarify further.

1. What product or services where you looking for, when you reached out to Von Gahlen? (Multiple answers possible)
2. How did you get into contact with Von Gahlen? (Multiple answers possible)
3. How well did Von Gahlen understand your questions/challenges (i.e. did we ask the right questions)?
4. What is the added value of Von Gahlen? (Multiple answers possible)
5. How well did we meet your expectations?
6. Would you recommend Von Gahlen to a co-worker/colleague?
8. If you would have to choose an aspect (or multiple) of Von Gahlen that could use improvement in your opinion, what would it be? (Multiple answers possible)

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