Expanding a cyclotron facility
with a dual chemical enclosure

Our customer Essential Isotopes is based in Columbia, Missouri. This company is located on the campus of the University of Missouri from where it provides Mid-Missouri with radiopharmaceuticals for PET imaging. The main source for Essential Isotopes’ productions is a cyclotron facility equipped with Von Gahlen hot cells. For Essential Isotopes there was a need to expand the capacity of the lab. Therefore Von Gahlen built and installed a new Dual Chemical Enclosure (DCE), designed to house synthesis modules.

Integrated DCE

We made sure that the DCE seamlessly integrated with the existing infrastructure. Meaning we equipped the DCE with a lead channel that connects the machine with a hot cell. Not only did this significantly enhance the much needed extra production capacity of Essential Isotopes. It also makes it possible to connect the equipment of one cell with the other, making Essential Isotopes more adaptive to the varying production needs.

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The installation had to take place without intervening the ongoing business and productions of Essential Isotopes. This required good coordination and Marc Weichelt of Essential Isotopes reflects on that final phase of the project: “The team Von Gahlen sent to install the DCE was very competent and efficient in their work. They did an excellent job and we are very happy with the results.”

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