Renewed collaboration for future-proofing

Emory University, located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, accommodates a human research facility specializing in radiopharmaceuticals. Their work predominantly involves Fluorine-18, Carbon-11, Gallium-68, and Oxygen-15. The brand-new Health Sciences Research Building II, required a translational research facility. Von Gahlen designed and developed hot cell lines for this new research lab.

This project marked our second collaboration with Emory University. Dr. Ronald J. Crowe, Radiopharmacy Director at Emory University Center for Systems Imaging, aimed to ensure that the new installation was a future-proof investment: “The materials and components used in the hot cells are of exceptional quality. Von Gahlen listened carefully to us during the process and collaborated with us in designing the equipment. I find this collaboration crucial in enhancing the usability, ensuring relevance for the next 10 to 15 years.”


Two hot cell lines for maximum usability

Hot Cell Line Emory

The hot cell line at Emory University

We installed two hot cell lines inside the translational research facility. One serves for producing and dispensing isotopes to patients, while the other functions as a research tracer lab. These two lines are connected by a technical corridor housing the Activity Distribution System (ADS), where isotopes come in from the cyclotron. Isotope distribution control for specific destinations can be managed from either line by using touchscreens. The transfer of isotopes occurs through lead channels into specialized hot cells like SB2S, MHC Flow, or a Shielded Glove Box (SGB).

Dr. Crowe: “Throughout various project phases—design, installation, and testing—the communication was very good. I have commendable feedback for several Von Gahlen employees, such as Henk, Joris, and the expertise of Lucas. I genuinely value the effective communication with Von Gahlen.”

“The robustness, usability and polished appearance of the hot cell installation are impressive!”

- Dr. Ronald J. Crowe, Radiopharmacy Director at Emory University Center for Systems Imaging.

Quality as a foundation for safety and reliability

Hot Cell Line Emory

The translational research room is centered around the hot cells. Dr. Crowe: “I appreciate how Von Gahlen ensures everything is clean, precise, and organized. I particularly like the customized Emory blue doors; they add a touch of uniqueness, moving away from just stainless steel.” He also finds the technical corridor a valuable addition. Dr. Crowe: “I can easily showcase the inner workings of the hot cells, all flawlessly maintained. With the new hot cells, I no longer need to maneuver uneasily around the room to access specific items.”

Emory granted Dr. Crowe the freedom to choose a vendor for the project. Dr. Crowe: “I'm happy I chose for Von Gahlen again. In my opinion, they offer the best equipment in the industry. While not the cheapest, they truly understand the value of quality and consistently meet our requirements.”


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