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On this page you will find our product range for radiopharmaceutical packaging. We display these products well structured, clearly visualized and complemented with product sheets. It will give you a comprehensive insight in the radiation-shielding solutions we offer. 

Single use type A package with temperature control

  • An outer printable and weather proof packaging with sealing system and handles.
  • An EPS foam inserts (two parts) with 4 slots including one cool pack per slot.
  • 4 lead containers with sealing (VG-LP-12). Not included, ordered separately.
  • Complies with ADR, ICAO Class 7, IAEA Safety Standards Series No. SSR-6 and IAEA Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material.
  • Complete and flexible solution for temperature controlled shipment of radiopharmaceuticals like Lu-177 labeled fluids.
  • Single use type a package.
  • Validated for several temperature profiles.

The single use package is a complete and flexible solution for temperature controlled shipment of radiopharmaceuticals. It is made out of printable and weather proof corrugated PP board with sealing systems and handles. The special seal prevents unintentional opening of the box. Inside is an EPS foam insert that holds up to 4 lead containers (VG-LP-12). Inside the lead container the vial rests on a small sponge. The lead containers are individually sealed by special tape and packed in airtight seal bags. The temperature inside the package is controlled by 4 individual cool packs.