Improved working ergonomics for
the production of

The N. Copernicus Province Multidisciplinary Center of Oncology and Traumatology in Lodz, Poland needed a solution for the production of technetium-99 (Tc-99m) for medical diagnostic procedures. They issued a tender in which they collected all of their requirements. There was only one company that was able to offer a fitting solution: Mediso Polska. This supplier of nuclear medicine and imaging techniques in Poland is a long term partner of Von Gahlen. We installed a shielded laminar hood with two individually operating electrical generator lifts and a dose calibrator including a screen that is fully integrated in the rear wall.

The nuclear department of the hospital already had an installation to produce various isotopes for different applications. The newly installed laminar hood is used exclusively for the production of technetium, the most common radioisotope used in diagnosis. By isolating the production of technetium from the other processes, the staff members have more control over the process and the production speed. Dr. Maciej Naze, Head of the Nuclear Medicine Department: "The added laminar hood increased the number and variety of the performed diagnostic tests."

Comfortable working position

To increase the user-friendliness of our laminar hoods, we have developed it so that users can work in a seated position, with plenty of legroom under the workbench. The large integrated monitor in back wall makes the read out for the dose calibrator easy from a sitting angle, without moving or turning your head. Dr. Naze: “The sitting position really improves work ergonomics. The integrated screen doesn’t take up any space in our working area and does not require diverting attention from the performed activities.”

Afbeelding 3

Laminar hood at The N. Copernicus Province Multidisciplinary Center of Oncology and Traumatology

Training on-site

After the installation and executing the Site Acceptance Test, Von Gahlen also provided a training on the operation and regular maintenance of the laminar hood for staff members. Dr. Naze: “In addition to the support during the entire project and the training afterwards, we are very satisfied with the options Von Gahlen offered, such as the UV-C sterilization system with timer function and the moveable integrated body shield which protects us from the ionization radiation.” Our technicians spend an entire working day with the users so they could get the most out of their new installation.

the benefits of our laminar hoods

  • Operator touchscreen easy to operate in a sitting position
  • Easy access due to the large maintenance hatch at the front side and maintenance modefunction in the software

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